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Hey again! I am Brendan /BREN-dan/. I'm a 29 year old full-stack web developer from San Francisco, California. I have an eye for detail and a passion for what I do. I'm currently working for Check Point (they invented the firewall) along with my side projects!


No project's too small
  • Edge WirelessEdge Wireless is a trendsetter in providing, deploying and supporting leading edge mobile network infrastructure and services to small and middle class Mobile Carriers across the US and internationally.
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  • Wired Up WednesdayWired-Up Wednesday was created to Bring Business Professionals together in an informal Up-beat Mix & Mingle atmosphere.
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  • Elite Tower ProfessionalsElite Tower Professionals helps customers design, build, optimize and maintain state-of-the-art wireless networks.
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  • Cloud Talk InteractiveCloud Talk Interactive takes your business objectives and build a solid and robust back end system that gives you access and control to the tools you need.
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  • Free Responsive NewsletterA free responsive newsletter with 1 Master and 4 Alternate templates for any person or company to use. Compatible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
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  • Gentle OakGentle Oak Design and Development is a passionate and cutting edge web development company.
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